Electronic Design

SBC Design System Cuts Costs, Risks

A new design methodology from Diamond Systems Corp. reduces costs and risks while simplifying designs for traditional users of stackable single-board computers (SBCs). The system consists of off-the-shelf applications-specific, I/O-intensive computer-on-module (COM) carrier baseboards used with industry-standard off-the-shelf ETX CPUs.

Employing this approach, a two-board “sandwich” (ETX CPU plus baseboard) forms a complete application solution that may have formerly required three to five or even more stackable I/O modules in addition to the CPU board. By using off-the-shelf industry-standard ETX CPU modules, each baseboard supports a wide performance range of solutions, allowing an OEM to effectively create an instant product line.

The initial standard product offering in this new arena is Neptune, a rugged, I/O-rich high-integration EPIC SBC. Neptune’s baseboard integrates the capabilities of five traditional PC/104 I/O modules into one EPIC-size board. Unlike baseboards offered by COM suppliers Neptune is a standard product intended for production deployment. The baseboard serves as a reference design that Diamond Systems can use to create application-specific solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Diamond Systems Corp

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