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SBC Employs Freescale's Dual-Core PowerPC 8641D

The SBC310 3U single-board computer (SBC) is the first VPX SBC to incorporate the Freescale dual-core Power PC 8641D and to provide support for a PMC/XMC site, according to its manufacturer, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems. The computer features up to 1 Gbyte of SDRAM and is available in any of five optional ruggedization levels, suiting it for deployment in the harshest environments. The board is the tenth member of the company’s family of VPX products, which include 3U and 6U single- and quad-processor SBCs based on both Intel and PowerPC architectures, graphics processors, switches, storage, and the MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer.

The SBC310 includes two four-lane PCI Express ports across the backplane, providing high-speed data communication to other system elements. It also provides a number of high-speed interfaces for off-board communication, including two 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and a Serial ATA disk interface. In addition, the board incorporates support for legacy interfaces, including two RS-232 ports and four general-purpose I/O lines. The SBC310 uses state-of-the-art cooling technology to allow a PMC or XMC to be fitted without compromising processor node performance. Benefits inherent in the VPX architecture include backward compatibility with legacy systems and electrostatic discharge protection.


Contact the company for pricing and availability information.


Visit www.gefanucembedded.com/products/2184.

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