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SBC Features Flexible Socket 370

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Sporting Intel's flexible socket 370 package, the CBU single-board computer (SBC) has a dual SCSI interface, which supports both Ultra 160 and legacy drives without sacrificing transfer rates. The board uses the Intel 440BX AGP chipset and on-board video and is available with a 440GX AGPset.
Other features of the SBC include dual PCI slots and two EIDE Ultra DMA/33 interfaces capable of supporting up to four IDE-type disk drives, synchronous DMA-mode transfers up to 33 MB/s, and up to 1 GB of synchronous DRAM. The dual SCSI interfaces support two concurrently operating channels and burst data transfers to the host CPU at speeds of up to 160 MB/s.
Simultaneous initiator and target-mode operation is also supported. Available with either a PIII processor up to 850 MHz or with a Celeron processor up to 667 MHz, the CBU SBCs have a starting price of $1,684 each.

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