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SBC Flexes With Dual PIII Processors

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The company has extended its NuPRO series of ISA and PCI bus single board computers with the introduction of their side-by-side dual processor NuPRO-800 SBC. The NuPRO-800 is a full-size single board computer with two Intel Pentium III FC-PGA processors, using the 443BX embedded chipset to handle the most arduous industrial environments. With on-board design support for AGP/VGA, Ethernet, WOL, AOL, and SCSI, the NuPro-800 is fitted for the 24/7/365 fault resilient needs of the computer telephony and industrial automation industries in such applications as high-end servers, e-commerce servers, Internet gateways, motion controls, process controls, automation controls, factory automation, medical and many demanding OEM and upgrade applications. The interface supports both 66 and 100 MHz bus speeds, three 168-pin DIMM sockets with up to 768 MB SDRAM. Single unit price is $999.

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