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SBC Has 233-MHz Pentium MMX Processor

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With Intel's 430HX chipset, Pentium MMX processor, PCI performance, and other on-board high performance peripheral sets, PCps233 single-board computer integrates 512 MB of error checking and correction RAM and 512 KB of burst cache to protect data integrity and achieve high reliability. The board has on-board 10/100BaseT Ethernet adapter, Ultra Wide SCSI with data transfers up to 40 MB/s, SVGA with simultaneous CRT and flat panel displays, dual high-performance PCIbus EIDE interfaces, two floppy drive interfaces, two USB ports, up to 8 Mb of bootable flash disk, two 16C550 serial ports, bidirectional PC/AT parallel port, watchdog timer, independent temperature monitoring system for CPU, PCI-to-PCI bridge support, and backward compatibility with existing ISA and PCI specs.

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