Electronic Design

SBC Heightens 3D Graphics Performance

As the latest member of the ConnectBus family of single-board computers (SBCs), the DPX-91 offers high-level CPU and 3D graphics performance. It's based on the Intel Socket 370 and accepts Pentium III CPUs up to 1 GHz with a 133-MHz front-side bus. The board incorporates an SiS630/300 graphics controller with a 128-bit 3D pipeline, Direct3D and OpenGL acceleration, and DVD/MPEG2 playback. On-board memory includes 256 kbytes of SRAM battery-backed with two independent banks of 128 kbytes each. The LCD/CRT graphics controller features a digital DVI/PanelLink interface. The SBC includes a 100BaseTx/10BaseT Ethernet controller and a 16-bit 3D stereo sound system with amplified outputs. Available ports include an I2C port, two USB ports, two parallel ports, four serial ports, MIDI, mouse, and keyboard. The DPX-91 also integrates a security encryption circuit. Pricing starts at $570 for 1000-unit quantities.

Densitron Corp.
www.densitron.com; (562) 941-5000

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