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SBC Includes Extensive I/O And 24-Bit A/D Conversion

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In addition to a wide range of I/O features and communications ports, the Olympic488 single-board computer (SBC) includes a precision, eight-channel, 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converter. The board supportsZ-World's Dynamic C Premier and provides an IEEE GPIB, helping trim development time and cost.Other features of the SBC include a Rabbit 2000 processor running at 22.12 MHz, an EEPROM, 128 KB of SRAM, and 128 KB of flash memory. In terms of I/O capabilities, the SBC provides four RS-232/485 ports, 32 digital outputs, 16 digital inputs, and an IEEE 488 interface. Custom analog I/O, LCDs, keypads and software are available. Price is $465 each/25. TIDAL ENGINEERING CORP., Randolph, NJ. (973) 328-1181.

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