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SBC Integrates CRT/LCD, Ethernet, Enhanced Audio

Measuring only 8" (L) x 5.75" (W), the SBC8354VEA single-board computer (SBC) provides full CRT/LCD functionality via a C&T 69000 graphics controller with 2 MB of SDRAM, a 32-bit PnP Ethernet controller with a 100/10 Base-T interface, an on-board ESS 1869 ISA bus supporting 16-bit stereo sound, a 20-voice FM synthesizer, and full-duplex capability. The graphics controller supports non-interlaced CRT resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 colors and LCD resolutions up to 1024 x 768, both at 256 colors. Using a SiS5582 chipset, the SBC supports Pentium/MMX, AMD K5/K6, and Cyrix 6x86 processors up to 233 MHz, up to 128 MB of DRAM, an on-board 512-kbyte synchronous L2 burst cache, up to 144 MB of DiskOnChip, and two floppy-disk drives. The board can be used as a passive backplane or stand-alone SBC and uses a unique PICMG bus structure that combines the advantages of both PCI and ISA expansion. Other features include one parallel and four serial ports, four digital I/O lines, two EIDE local-bus ports, and full Windows CE compatibility.

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