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SBC Offers OS Choices

Compatible with an array of operating systems such as embedded Linux, Windows CE, Microware's OS-9 and WindRiver's Vx Works, the Graphics Master RISC-based, single-board computer (SBC) includes a USB Master, Ethernet and compact flash. The board features a unique USB host capacity, communicating on a low power management platform. An on-board, four-port USB hub, a USB downstream power switch and a USB slave/USB bus master add to what is described as one of the industry's most comprehensive communications packages available in such a small size. The Graphics Master's compact flash interface connector extends the existing flash memory options of 8, 16 or 32 MB flash, and complements the 16 and 32 MB SDRAM options running at 103 MHz. In addition, the Graphics Master extends the serial ports from three to seven with IrDA, RS-232, TTL and RS485 options. Pricing is $400 each in OEM quantities. APPLIED DATA SYSTEMS INC., Columbia, MD. (800) 541-2003.

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