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SBC Packs Digital I/O, A/D, D/A, Ethernet

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In addition to standard PC features such as VGA and disk controllers, the SBC0486 single-board computer (SBC) also includes 24 CMOS I/O lines, eight channels of 12-bit A/D, four channels of 12-bit D/A, three 16-bit timers, and support for both 10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernet. Based on a 486/586 core, the SBC0486 board can boot DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/CE, Linux, and other PC-compatible operating systems. Other features include processor speeds from 66 to 133 MHz, on-chip cache, 64-bit DRAM access, and support for up to 72 MB of flash memory. In addition to CRT and TFT flat-panel support, the board provides an 8 x 8 matrix touch-screen or keypad interface. Pre-installed firmware includes an industrial BIOS, board-setup screens, and application download utilities. The board comes with a free development kit that includes cables, sample software, and documentation.

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