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SBC Provides Single-Slot Solution

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Designers can configure virtually all of their basic system needs in a single slot with SCORE 750, a conduction-cooled, PowerPC 750-based, full-featured single-board computer. The board's 200-MHz PowerPC 750 CPU is powerful enough for demanding applications and handles all on-board facilities. It features up to 128 Mbytes of DRAM with error detection/correction, 16 Mbytes of 64-bit-wide flash memory, 512 kbytes of boot PROM and a 512-KB cache. The board utilizes a PCI bus that internally facilitates a wide array of on-board I/O that includes a single-channel, dual-redundant 1553B interface; Ethernet connectivity; two RS-232 asynchronous serial ports, two RS-422 synchronous serial ports with DMA; an 8-bit parallel I/O port and the PMC interface. Pricing starts at $13,230.

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