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SBC Ups Performance Bar With PIIIs And Multimedia

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Offering Pentium III-levels of performance with 3-D graphics and DVD/MPEG2 playback, the DPX-81 single-board computer (SBC) is the latest member of the company's line of SBCs implementing the ConnectBus interface standard for field-serviceable embedded PCs. The standard calls for use of a single connector to link the SBC to the host system, making replacement of faulty units a one-step operation.
With a 133-MHz FSB, the SBC supports Pentium III processors up to 1 GHz and up to 512 MB of RAM. Other features of the DPX-81 SBC include a RIVA TNT2 graphics controller, 16 or 32 MB of dedicated frame-buffer memory or up to 20 MB shared memory, 256 KB of SRAM, LCD/CRT controller, 100/10 Ethernet controller, 16-bit stereo sound system, and support for flash memory. Prices start at $570 each/1,000.

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