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SBC Uses Intel Celeron Processor

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Taking advantage of Intel Corp.'s Socket 370 low-profile PPGA processor solution, the CBI Celeron processor-based single-board computer features the performance of the Celeron processor, using Intel's high-performance Pentium II architecture, and Intel's 440BX AGPset with speeds up to 433 MHz. The board includes Intel's 10/100Base-T 82559 Ethernet interface for fast, reliable connectivity in demanding applications. Also on-board is Intel's 69000 SVGA, an advanced graphics port interface with 2 Mbytes of display memory for full-screen, full-motion video, and an ultra-wide SCSI interface supporting a 40-MB/s data transfer rate. Other on-board features include dual PCI EIDE, floppy interface, two serial ports, parallel port and a PS/2 mouse port.

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