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SBC VMEbus Card Provides Two PMC Sites

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In addition to its two PMC sites and processor speeds of up to 333 MHz, the PRO3 VME board also offers up to 128 MB of EDO DRAM and up to 144 MB of Flash DiskOnChip. It occupies a single VMEbus slot with PC/AT I/O functions, with its VMEbus interface implemented using Tundra's Universe II VMEbus Interface Controller that provides a full VME64 interface, including master, slave, interrupter, interrupt handler, and system controller functions. The board also includes hardware byte swapping. Drive interfaces include an Enhanced IDE interface with bus-mastering and a floppy controller with DMA. The IDE and floppy interface signals, along with a serial port COM1 are available through the VMEbus P2 for connection with firm's Embedded Computers' VMEbus modules or other external drive assemblies. Front panel I/O includes an Ethernet port, serial port COM2, parallel port LPT1, and a combined mouse-keyboard port.

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