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SBC Works As Stationary Or Mobile Industrial PC

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Advantages in performance, compactness, power dissipation, and reliability are the claims made for a new industrial-grade single-board computer (SBC) offering a gaggle of peripherals and a flock of features. In addition to Socket 7-class processors clocking speeds of from 100 to 500 MHz and higher, the Millennium S7+ SBC also features a Socket 7 host interface, an ISA/PCI bus interface, an expansion socket for PC/104-Plus, and a 512K cache. And the motherboard's small, 214 x 265-mm size and PC98-compatible power management functions support its use in portable applications. On-board the Millennium S7+ are: a switching power supply; a DMA, timer, interrupt, keyboard, and PS/2 mouse controller; a battery-backed real-time clock; a dual-channel UltraDMA-66 master-mode EIDE controller; an Accelerated Graphics Port in the North Bridge supporting 2 to 8 Mbytes of on-board DRAM; a PCI-ISA bridge, hardware-supported MPEG-2 architecture for DVD applications; an 85-MHz flat-panel interface; a variety of serial ports; a holder for 2.5" hard disks; support for a Disk-On-Chip; a powerful DRAM controller and 64-bit DRAM interface to assure fast data storage; and more. Operating voltages range from 18V to 36V, with standard operating temperatures extending from 5°C to 60°C-- extended temperature range models are also available.

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