SBCs Merge Data Plane And Control Processing

SBCs Merge Data Plane And Control Processing

Integrated computing performance is the driving force behind Aitech Defense Systems’ ruggedized VME- and VPX-based single board computers (SBCs). Based on Freescale’s 12-core T4240 QorIQ processor architecture, the single-slot C111 (VME) and C112 (VPX) operate at up to 1.8 GHz with up to 16 Gbytes of ECC-protected SDRAM. The SDRAM is divided into two separate 8-Gbyte banks, which maximizes processor-to-memory or memory-to-memory data-transfer speed without bus thrashing. Moreover, the 12 processor cores can be dynamically allocated to either memory bank to help balance memory data transfers and performance within an application. Also included are 512 Mbytes of NOR flash, up to 16 Gbytes of flash disk mass storage, and 512 kbytes of NVRAM (MRAM). Each board, available in conduction- and air-cooled versions, comes equipped with two PMC/XMC sites. The C111 supports 2eSST and 2eVME protocols as well as legacy VME interfaces. The C112 is mechanically and electrically compatible to the new VPX (VITA 46.0) and OpenVPX (VITA 65) platforms, and is VPX REDI-compliant.


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