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SBCs Support Single/Dual PIII µPs

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The PCI-P3D840 and PCI-P3S840 single-board computers support 600-MHz single and dual Pentium PIII processors, respectively. Both boards incorporate the Intel 840 chipset and up to 2 GB of direct Rambus memory with 64-bit bus support. Other features include support for PCI Ultra DMA/66 IDE and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, 64-bit AGP video, USB, serial and parallel ports, a floppy interface, and a variety of software interfaces including Windows NT/2000, Linux, Netware 5.x, BeOs, UNIX, xBSD, and Solaris. Pricing for the boards without memory start at $3000 for the PCI-P3D840 and $2200 for the PCI-P3S840.

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