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SBCs Tackle Harsh Embedded Environs

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Two single-board computers- the P2000(D)BX2 and P3000(D)BX2- are designed to operate in the harshest embedded operating environments. Both provide maximum processing power for PCI/ISA and ISA passive-backplane systems. Both feature the Intel 440BX chipset.The P2000 uses a single or dual Pentium II configuration at 400 MHz with an external 100-MHz front-side bus. The P3000 offers single or dual Pentium III processors with support for 450 MHz, 500 MHz, 550 MHz and higher clock speeds with the same 100-MHz bus. Also, each board features 512 kbytes of L2 cache and 512 Mbytes of 3.3V SDRAM. Extensive I/O facilities are included.

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