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SBCs Use Repackaged Celeron To Tackle Embedded Applications

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Capable of zipping along at speeds of up to 400 MHz, CBX industrial single-board computers (SBCs) derive their high processing power from an Intel Celeron processor housed in a Socket 370 low-profile plastic pin grid array (PPGA) package and a 440BX AGP chipset. Full-featured versions of the board include a 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface, an AGP SVGA video interface with 2 MB of Rambus display memory for full-screen, full-motion video, and a Ultra Wide SCSI interface supporting a 40-MB/s data transfer rate.Other CBX on-board features include dual PCI EIDE, floppy interface, two serial ports, a parallel port, and a PS/2 mouse port. System hardware is also offered for monitoring system voltages, temperatures and fan speed. The cards comply with PCI Local Bus 2.1 and PICMG 2.0 specs. A model of the SBC called CBX BASIC is also available without video, Ethernet or SCSI.

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