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Scalable Boundary-Scan Controllers Suit Big Flash

JTAG Technologies announced three new members of the DataBlaster family named the JT 37X7 series. They're available in PCI and CompactPCI (3U and 6U) forms, supporting unlimited target flash-memory width at test clock speeds up to 40 MHz. The board works with JTAG's Quad POD, which drives four test access ports (TAPs). These can support multiple targets or gang programming. The low-cost JT 3707 is priced at $3250. It can be upgraded to the JT 3717 or JT 3727 using the Enhanced Throughput Technology (ETT) module or Flash Image module. The JT 3727 supports up to 128 Mbits of flash. The JT 37X7 supports serial PROMs using I2C or serial-peripheral-interface bus interfaces.


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