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Electronic Design

Scalable PCI/ISA SBC Targets Applied Computing Apps

The scalable LBC9216 single-board computer (SBC) features an Intel Pentium 4 or socket-478 Celeron processor with 512- or 128-kbyte full core speed L2 cache. The PICMG 1.0 Rev. 2.2-compliant passive backplane SBC also incorporates the Intel 845GV chip set with a 400/533-MHz front-side bus and up to 2-Gbyte DDR200/266 DIMMs (with full error-correction code support) on two sockets. A high-performance graphics controller, a 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet auto-negotiating controller, and dual-channel PCI Ultra DMA/100 integrated development environment interfaces are integrated as well. Rounding out the board are USB 2.0 ports, serial/parallel ports, a floppy interface, an IrDA interface, and AC '97 audio. An Ultra160 SCSI or second 10/100-TX Ethernet daughtercard is optional. The LBC9216 complies with PCI local bus specification V2.1 and PICMG 1.0 Rev. 2.0. A PCI-to-ISA bridge supports ISA bus mastering, up to 20-slot drive capability, and a DiskOnChip solid-state disk. Pricing for the scaleable LBC9216 SBC, complete with a 2-GHz processor, starts at $714.

Diversified Technology Inc.; (800) 443-2667

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