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Schematic Capture And PCB Program Ends Schematic And Simulation Cycling

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The time spent "cycling" between schematic and simulation has been greatly reduced with the introduction of Spicycle, a powerfrul schematic capture front end for the firm's SpiceAge simulator. And through its ability to convert from SPICE netlist to schematic, Spicycle also adds a quality checking mechanism. The software optionally offers a comprehensive, integrated pc board layout facility, is compatible with Geswin schematics, and can input and edit any Gerber file. Further, the use of TrueType fonts and compatability with other Windows applications via OLE means that publication-quality documentation for production, servce and training can be easily produced.With more than 20,000 licenses for SpiceAge, these programs can produce a dramatic improvement in productivity to all users, it's claimed. The mixed-mode capabilities of SpiceAge and the many shortcut quick key functions provide fast, powerful mechanisms for design improvement. The new version of SpiceAge mixed-mode simulator includes links to TTI test equipment, S and Y parameter networks, Smith chart presentations, Fourier analysis, signal convolution, math functions, digital filter simulation, Monte Carlo analysis, non-linear magnetic modeling, and even embedded algebraic expressions.The versatile design tool can be used for presentation graphics and drafting a picture of the final product with an easy-to-use set of mechanical drafting tools. Other key uses for the software includes: detailing for publication-quality schematics of a circuit; validating; research; pc board layout; quality assurance; development; and integration for integrity.

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