Electronic Design

Schematic Checker Finds PC-Board Errors Early

Catching errors early in a design cycle is a key to holding down costs, and pc-board design is no exception. An add-on to Zuken's CR-5000 enterprise design environment called Circuit Adviser systematically checks for errors in schematic drawings. This can help identify errors early and eliminate the need for rework later on.

Circuit Adviser finds hidden electrical problems in schematicsdesigned in the CR-5000 environment through use of predefined electrical rules set by the library administrator. By applying those rules, tasks that would ordinarily take a considerable amount of analysis time using Spice simulation can be performed using simple automatic rule checks.

Also, Circuit Adviser can perform eight different electrical rule checks, including voltage rating and ground-supply polarity. It supports verification of circuit variants and provides a full rule-check report. Expensive call-back actions caused by simple errors such as incorrect polarity or voltage ranges are eliminated.

Circuit Adviser is available now. Prices start at $4000.

Zuken USA Inc.

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