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Schematic Entry/PCB Layout Tools Now Help With Documentation

The newest release of Accel's schematic entry and pc-board layout software includes the company's Document Toolbox product, which provides advanced design documentation features. Version 14 of Accel EDA also offers enhancements of over 25 technical features.Document Toolbox generates mechanical, manufacturing and assembly drafting details, diagrams and notes. All are automatically generated according to the customer's company standards and are updated during design sessions. Drafting details, such as scalable layer stackups, can be scaled independently of the design. This feature lends greater flexibility in creation of documentation.Version 14 of Accel EDA also offers enhanced support of rules-based design, allowing more control of signal and physical layout parameters. Version 14 with Document Toolbox is free to Accel Total Support subscribers.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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