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Schottkys Come In Tiny Packages & Reduce Board Space By 70%

Supporting a continuous forward current of 400 mA at a typical forward voltage of 425 mV, ZHCS400 Schottky diode is housed in a miniature SOD323 SMT package. This SuperBat device offers a board space saving of 70% when compared with a SOT23 package, and the SOD323 is a useful alternative to much larger SOT89 and SOT223 packages. Current performance for the ZHCS400 is rated at 400 mA, continuous, 1A, average, and 6.75A, pulsed. Applications include dc-to-dc converters and LCD backlighting. Power dissipation at 25°C is 250 mW. The IF/VF characteristic, VF is 270 mV at 50 mA and 440 mV at 500 mA. Faster switching than comparable P-N junction devices, the ZHCS400 has a reverse recovery time of 10 ns when switched from IF of 500 mA to IR of 500 mA. The reverse leakage current is 15 mA at a reverse voltage of 30V. Reverse breakdown voltage is 40V for a reverse current of 200 µA. Delivery is quoted at eight weeks maximum.

Company: ZETEX, INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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