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SCSI Controller Tops 55-MB/s Performance Rate

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Connecting the latest high-bandwidth disks and RAID systems to VME systems, the MVS/316 Ultra SCSI VME host adapter is said to provide superior throughput to any VMEbus host adapter or embedded SCSI port available today. Adaptive buffers let the MVS/316 sustain VMEbus data rates of more than 38 MB/s with burst rates of 55 MB/s. Support for VMEbus Master/Slave and D32 and D64 modes are standard, with the single-slot 6U module coming with one or two SCSI ports, single-ended or differential. Front panel or P2 SCSI cable connections are available. The board packs 128 KB of SRAM as shared host bus memory, with each SCSI port shaving an additional 128 KB dual-ported SRAM.

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