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SCSI Host Adapter Board Suits Workstations & Servers

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Developed especially for desktop, workstation and server systems, the Symbios SYM8952U host adapter board is a universal Fast/Ultra/Ultra2 SCSI solution that's said to offer OEMs and system integrators the advantages of longer cable lengths and lower costs. The board is well suited for OEMs requiring an external 68-pin, high-density connector. Anchoring the board is the Symbios SYM53C895 chip, which features LVDlink, the firm's implementation of universal low-voltage differential transceivers. SCSI signal lines also feature TolerANT technology for improved signal reliability in noisy cable environments. The board offers up to an 80-Mbyte/s bandwidth plus transfer rates at the speed of the PCI system bus. Utilities and drivers round out the system, which is available in board-only or full-solution forms.

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