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SDRAM Melded With Flash In Compact MCM Package

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Combining a 64-MB (8M x 72) synchronous DRAM and 1-MB (1M x 8) flash memory in a multi-chip module (MCM), the WEDPNF8M721V-XBX is designed to complement high-performance memory controllers such as the MPC 107. The compact (800 mm2), high Tg, 255-ball PBGA is said to reduce board space requirements by up to 42% compared to comparable discrete solutions and to also offer a lower profile than any comparable high-density memory device.
The SDRAM operates from a 3.3V supply and comes in 100- and 125-MHz flavors. The device uses an internal pipelined architecture to achieve high-speed operation. Also, the column address can be changed every clock cycle, and read and write accesses are burst oriented. In addition, the flash memory offers 100- to 150-ns access times, uses a 3.0V supply for both read and write functions, and allows any combination of its sectors to be concurrently erased. Full chip erase is also supported.
The MCM comes in commercial, industrial and military temperature ranges and has a starting price of under $300 each/1,000. Lead times run from 6-8 weeks.

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