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Second Gen 10-Gb/s Transponders Bring Simplicity To High-Speed Net Designs

Representing the company's second generation of 10-Gb/s transponders, the DragonFly TRN4035B family incorporates low-cost optics manufactured with a proprietary automated packaging and alignment process. The process makes use of planar, automated pick-and-place assembly techniques and an automated, active-fiber alignment process to produce lower cost, higher performance 10-Gb/s optical-electrical sub-system devices that also simplify the design of high-speed network equipment. Other key features of the transponders include SONET-compliant jitter performance, on-board power-supply sequencing, a line-limiting mode, clock-monitor outputs, and Rx loss of signal alarm. These 200-pin, MSA-compliant devices are available now. For further information and price, call Aimee DeGolyer at LIGHT LOGIC INC., Newark, CA. (510) 578-5634.


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