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SELV Switching Power Supplies Meet Industrial Needs

SELV Switching Power Supplies Meet Industrial Needs

Turck-ATURCK’s new family of ac-dc power supplies, offering an input range of 90 to 260 V ac, provides safety extra-low voltage (SELV) according to EN 60950. The 24VDC power supplies can be used in a diverse array of supply networks. Output voltage can be adjusted from 22.5 up to 28.5 V dc thanks to an onboard potentiometer. Models are available with 2.5-, 5-, 10-, or 20-A current. The IP20-rated supplies guarantee a dependable dc supply in the industrial environment, according to the company. They can be run in parallel for applications that redundancy, including up to 150% overload protection. A power relay ensures reliable functional check, monitoring itself for voltage (eliminating potential wire breakage or system malfunction). In addition, the 24 VDC supplies bypass power failures automatically, allowing the ac input to disappear for up to 30 ms without affecting the output.


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