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Sensor Determines Wavelength Of Lasers And LEDs

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Based on silicon photodiode technology, the PSS-WS-7.56-PCBA is a wavelength sensor that is constructed monolithically by superimposing two photodiodes vertically. Achieving an active area of 7.56 mm2, the device is most useful for the wavelength determination of monochromatic light sources, such as lasers and LEDs.
The photodiode sensor is mounted on a pc board with all the necessary circuitry to convert incident wavelength to an output voltage, which is directly proportional to wavelength in the range of 450 to 900 nm. The output is independent of illumination. And resolution of 0.01 nm is said to be possible.
The circuit, which consists of two logarithmic amplifiers and a ratio calculator, requires ±15V and provides switched gain controls to accommodate various output requirements.The sensor is available from stock at $500 each.

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