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Sensors Detect High-Intensity Sound Pressure Levels

A new pressure sensor has been designed to measure low-level pressure and high-intensity sound pressure levels, both acoustic and ultrasonic. Series 106 and 116 hermetically sealed microphones detect rapid pressure transients, pulsations, turbulence, noise, and spikes for troubleshooting equipment and tuning processes. Applications include hydraulic and pneumatic systems, exhaust systems, compressors, turbines, pumps and pipelines, jet engines, rocket motors, and weapons discharge. ICP versions have on-board electronics to provide a conditioned output signal for ease of use. Charge mode units are suitable for use in temperatures to 400°C. Series 106 and 116 sensors are said to be capable of withstanding high static background pressures. These sensors are designed with solid-state construction, no moving parts, stainless steel housings, high frequency range, and sensitivity up to 5,000 mV/psi. PCB PIEZOTRONICS INC., Depew, NY. (888) 684-0011.


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