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SerDes Devices Focus On 10-Gb Markets

Zeroing in on 10-Gb Ethernet and 10-Gb Fibre Channel applications, the VC1061 and VC1062 quad serializer/deserializer (SerDes) devices convert media independent interfaces (XGMII) to serial attachment unit interfaces (XAUI). Essentially identical devices—both can operate at 3.125- and 3.1875-Gb/s rates and both can operate at 4 x 3.1875 Gb/s for 10-Gb Fibre Channel—the VC1062 differentiates itself from VC1061 by including a redundant serial XAUI interface for backplane applications. The SerDes devices employ the company's GigaCore serial I/O technology that is said to provide seamless interconnections, low power consumption and error-free transmissions over pc board materials, copper cabling, or fiber optics—an example of the devices's low level of power consumption is provided by VC1061's


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