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Serial Connectors Handle Plethora Of Protocols

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Supporting Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and Gigabit Ethernet serial protocols, the HSSDC2 connectors include board-mount and adapter receptacles, a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module, and cable assemblies. They operate at 2.5 Gb/s and are scalable for future, 5 Gb/s designs. Targeting 1.57-mm and 2.36-mm circuit boards, the right-angle receptacle has a positive-locking interface and is molded from 94V-0 plastic. Fibre Channel cable assemblies are impedance-matched to 150½ and protocol-compliant up to 17m. Matched to 100½, the InfiniBand assemblies are protocol-compliant up to 17m. The connectors are priced at $6.45 each/100 and a 2.5-Gb/s cable assembly is $25 each/100. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.

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