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Range Of Inspection And Test Services Offered For Assemblies
A complete and comprehensive range of inspection and test services for electronic assemblies has been announced by Chase EMS Group. These capabilities include automatic optical inspection (AOI) of assembled pc boards for defects such as component misalignment, solder joint quality, and short and open circuits.

Also included in the expanded services are x-ray, GenRad ICT (in-circuit test), and functional testing capabilities. The company has recently invested in new, state-of-the-art x-ray inspection equipment. It also recently added a GenRad ICT. Additionally, Chase offers burn-in, TCT, system configuration, functional test, and dynamic thermal testing. The company also provides digital, analog, and RF testing for electronic assemblies.

The group's new transmissive real-time x-ray system can handle an 18- by 24-in. board at 8-µm resolution. It's equipped with software that allows the operator to measure the size of a BGA solder sphere. It also permits the operator to calculate the size and density of any voids in the solder spheres. According to Chase, these new testing services are designed to ensure that products are reliable, robust, and functional prior to shipping to the customer.

Chase EMS Group, 70 Pleasant St., West Bridgewater, MA 02379; (508) 580-1881; fax (508) 586-4516; www.chase-ems.com.

Electronic Packaging Web Site Extends Additional Resources
The updated and expanded Web site of Pentair Electronic Packaging, www.pentair-ep.com, now includes an emphasis on enclosure packaging and application content. This site provides comprehensive technical data for design and system engineers seeking solutions for their specific enclosure and packaging applications.

The revised site includes detailed information on the company's broad range of products and capabilities. Such products include custom and off-the-shelf enclosures, outdoor aluminum enclosures, and high-volume stamped chassis/assemblies. Also included are subracks, cases, systems, and cabinets. Services detailed on the site include system integration services and custom backplane design and production.

According to the company, the new site features a wide array of photos, diagrams, and selection guides. New data on product designs, testing procedures, and industry trends also is included. All of these categories are updated on a regular basis to provide engineers with the most current information possible.

The site includes easily downloadable PDF files of all current Pentair and Schroff products and capabilities literature. Technical articles are included for use by design and system engineers. The company's custom publication, Electronic Packaging Solutions, is also published on the new site.

Pentair Electronic Packaging, 170 Commerce Dr., Warwick, RI 02886; (888) 550-9543; www.pentair-ep.com.

Firm Supplies Equipment Acquisition And Optimization
Comdisco Electronics provides capital equipment acquisition, optimization, and disposition services for the global electronics manufacturing industry. Services offered include Web-enabled equipment remarketing and disposition, equipment reconditioning, and the purchase of surplus equipment.

The company also offers alternative financial strategies, such as equipment leasing, acquisition, and upgrade planning. Its customized equipment management strategies, Comdisco says, help customers mitigate technology risk, reduce and control costs, and increase profitability. These services allow companies in industries like plastics, robotics, and packaging to acquire equipment as needed to adapt to new technologies. The company currently serves over 500 customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

The firm provides equipment lifecycle management solutions for companies using semiconductor production, automated-test, and pc-board-assembly equipment. Its services cover all three phases in the lifecycle of equipment, including acquisition, optimization, and disposition.

Comdisco also gives customers insight into growing trends in the semiconductor and electrical technology industries. Such trends include the increased cost of building state-of-the-art fabs, the decreasing product lifecycle of ICs driven by the demand for smaller geometries, and the accelerating pace of introductions of new packaging devices.

Comdisco Electronics, 6111 N. River Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018; (847) 698-3000; www.comdisco.com.

Company Provides Schematic, PC-Board, FPGA, And LVDS Design
Baykal Technology provides turnkey product development and reference designs for the electronics industry. According to the company, its expertise lies in high-speed, high-density, low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) board development and embedded-system design. A range of engineering services are offered, from product specification and design to product delivery and ongoing support.

This firm functions as a schematics, FPGA, pc-board, and software design house in one place. For schematic designs, Baykal can design from scratch or use the customer's existing schematics to come up with a new set of schematics. Lead times for the key components are checked during the schematic design or modification. If lead times are not as expected, the company can use available parts to ensure that the deadline is met for the finished product.

FPGA design also is offered as part of the company's services. Baykal designs, develops, and implements complex functions into Xilinx, Altera, and QuickLogic FPGAs. The company says its specialization in FPGA development is high-speed digital and mixed-signal development. Its pc-board design services include a wide range of board designs, such as high-speed, high-density, digital and analog custom pc boards.

The company specializes in LVDS and controlled-impedance design with FR4 boards. It strives for designs with low noise and low crosstalk using FR4-type pc-board material. Baykal's complete prototyping services include Windows, Linux, or embedded device driver development. Real-time coding, BSP, dynamic code loading, and diagnostics are some of the low-level driver development services offered. Diagnostic testing is performed on all boards designed by the company.

Baykal Technology, 2084 Walsh Ave., Ste. B-1, Santa Clara, CA 95050; (408) 567-8095; fax (408) 567-8096; Internet: www.baykaltech.com.

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