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Servo Controller Sports High-End Motion Processor

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Claiming to reduce system development costs, the Millennium series of servo controllers provides one-, two- and four-axis control of both servo and step motors for a wide range of applications. The controllers incorporate a motion processor, namely the Navigator from PMD, which is said to eliminate the purchase of a DSP, as well as writing code for it. The controllers can be installed into PC AT slot or can be used standalone via a serial link. An on-board 100-pin connector that provides motor output, limit switch, and home-indicator input signals provides interfacing to external components. Software support includes C-Motion, CyberMotion, and Windows drivers. Easy Motion, a Windows application package with what is claimed as the industry's first motion wizard, assists in the setup and tuning of complex electromechanical systems. Single-unit prices start at $835 for a single-axis PWM output signal version and go up to $950 for a four-axis analog-output version.

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