Electronic Design

Servo Motion Boards Provide Closed-Loop Control

The PCI-8253 three-axis and PCI-8256 six-axis DSP-based servo motion controllers provide a ±10V analog motion controller with full closed-loop control, PID plus feed-forward algorithms, and a 20-MHz encoder input frequency. In addition to general motion control functions, they support comprehensive and application-specific functions suiting automated optical inspection, gantry, and manufacturing machine applications. Employing a DSP, the boards reportedly provide motion functions that ASIC-based designs cannot achieve. These include multiple dimension interpolation and high-speed position comparison. Both boards also offer a point table that supports over 5,000 points for each axis, allegedly ideal for contouring applications. Prices for the PCI-8253 and PCI-8256 are $1,329 and $2,129 each, respectively. ADLINK TECHNOLOGY AMERICA INC., Irvine, CA (866) 423-5465.
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