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SFF-SIG Addresses Mass Storage For Small Embedded Systems

The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) will adopt and enhance SiliconSystems’ SiliconDrive II Blade Specification for use with small, rugged subsystems such as mass storage and other I/O technologies. The specification will go by the trade name MiniBlade. The SFF-SIG is a collaboration of 18 suppliers of embedded components, boards, and system technologies.

The MiniBlade Specification, created by various suppliers for embedded applications, takes the first step toward standardizing an ultra-small mass storage solution for the small form-factor embedded system market. A plug-in peripheral card that is retained with latches in its socket withstands embedded environments better than consumer-grade dongles and thumb drives.

The SiliconDrive II Blade Specification was jointly developed by SiliconSystems and Samtec, Inc. The specification now forms the cornerstone of a new SFF-SIG Working Group to define the interfaces to allow a wide array of storage, communications, GPS, and other I/O products to be compatible with the MiniBlade socket. Scheduled to be published within the next few months, the MiniBlade Specification will define the mechanical form factor and interface pin definition for MiniBlade devices.


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