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SGRAMs Set For Volume Production

The company has announced it will begin volume production of its new 32-Mb synchronous graphics RAM (SGRAM) with double-data rate (DDR) functionality, claiming they are the first memory manufacturer to produce 32-Mb DDR SGRAMs in volume. Designated as the HYB39D32322TQ-5, the memory device is available with clock speeds up to 200 MHz and is designed for use in high-resolution, flicker-free screen display systems with large frame buffers and very high scan rates. The DDR functionality almost doubles the usable bandwidth between the frame buffer and graphics controller. The company claims that with the device's clock speeds of up to 200 MHz, bandwidth of up to 1.6 GB/s, and high memory density designers can greatly improve the cost-performance ratio of advanced graphics boards and systems. Delivered in a TQFP-100 package, the device costs $14.30 each/10,000.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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