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SHARC PMC Connects SBCs To DSP Systems

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Based on Analog Devices SHARC DSPs, Aida SHARC PMC module is powered by four 21060 SHARC processors, allowing very high-performance connectivity from a single-board computer to a DSP system. The module uses a compact BGA low-power 3V SHARC to deliver 480 MFLOPS in a single PMC slot. Aida can be configured as a signal processing co-processor engine for industry-standard SBCs such as the Motorola MVME2300 series. Intensive signal processing elements within the application are off-loaded to the DSP, while the RISC processor focuses on data processing which results in significant increases in system performance and data throughput. Aida can provide communications to a SHARC system by using the front panel link ports as a low latency, deterministic data communications gateway from the SBC.

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