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Off-The-Shelf Enclosure Stands Up To Harsh Environments

The 3/4ATR-WA-M28 airborne rack is an off-the-shelf enclosure for airborne, ship, and ground mobile systems as well as other harsh-environment applications. Accommodating 6U VME64x boards, the unit also accepts any IEEE1101-compliant convection-cooled board for backplanes with P0 connectors. It meets RTCADO160D and mil-stf-810 requirements for harsh environment and airborne use. Qualified for operating temperatures from -45°C to 75°C, the rack's conductive interior surfaces use flat gasketing methods to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). It has a 28-V dc power supply, a 300-W input, and four outputs (5, 3.3, 12, and -12 V). Providing two I/O connectors and a power connector, the enclosure conforms to the standard ARINC404 size profile for tall boxes. The 3/4ATR-WA-M28 starts at $25,520 with delivery in 10 to 12 weeks.

Thales Computers
www.thalescomputers.com; (800) 848-2330

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