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Shelf-Management Module For AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI Increases Reliability

By incorporating modularity, the 3U by 160-mm IPM (intelligent platform module) Sentry carrier cards for AdvancedTCA and CompactPCI systems help ensure five-nines reliability. The IPM Sentry will be integrated in Elma Electronic's standard chassis line.

Developed in conjunction with Pigeon Point Systems, the module goes beyond the basic monitoring of voltages, fans, and temperature of standard system monitors. It also adjusts the speed of the fans depending on the temperature within the chassis. And, it reads the tachometer input for up to eight fans, using a pulse-width-modulation output to control fan speed.

The unit maintains a system event log and a sensor data record, which can be accessed by the IPM controller. The IPM Sentry collects information on field-replaceable units like hot-swap peripheral boards. It even sends out remote alarms via RS-232 or 10/100 Ethernet lines.

The IPM Sentry will include optional integration. Bustronic, Elma's backplane division in the U.S., has incorporated IPM Sentry connection options into many of its new backplane solutions, including AdvancedTCA and PICMG 2.16 cPSB. Pricing starts at under $1500 with a two- to four-week lead time.

Elma Electronic
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