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Shielded SMT Inductors Handle High Current

High-density circuit board designs that must be able to handle current up to 10,000 mA are the recommended settings for use of SHS Series power inductors. The SMT coils feature 100% ferrite shielding and come in 0706, 1206 and 1208 sizes. Inductance values for SHS-0706 inductors range from 1.0 to 100 µH with corresponding maximum dc resistance values extending from 0.004 ohms to 0.140 ohms and dc current maximums ranging from 5000 to 800 mA. The ranges for SHS-1206 coils are 10 to 680 µH, 0.025 ohms to 1.20 ohms and 4000 to 500 mA and for SHS-1208 devices 1.0 to 47.0 µH, 0.007 ohms to 0.10 ohms and 10,000 to 2500 mA.

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