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Shielding Clips Lend Themselves To Surface-Mount Assembly

With the firm’s SmiT shield clips, designers can eliminate secondary hand-soldering operations for mounting EMI/RFI shields. Both the full-sized Shield Clips and the Mini-Shield Clips are said to offer optimal flexibility for effective shielding designs and configurations. They also enable users to leverage the advantages of high-speed SMT placement and reflow solder processes. Multiple clips can be arranged in any configuration on pc boards to effectively handle any size or shape of RF shield. Users can cost-effectively address applications at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz or more. The clips are designed to self-align by as much as a 20% correction during standard reflow solder processes. Full-sized clips measure 0.090" wide x 0.346" long x 0.136" high; Mini clips are 0.040" wide x 0.200" long x 0.080" high.


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