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Shunt Isolator Eases Traction Applications

Shunt Isolator Eases Traction Applications

The DI Series Shunt isolator enables accurate current measurements in rail traction applications.  They measure the very small voltages developed across low-resistance shunts in the primary power conductors feeding rail traction motors, spanning ranges of 30 to 200 mVRMS. Employing patented insulating technology, the components allow rail-traction designers to meet the provisional EN 50463 standard for on-board energy monitoring. When used with a shunt Class 0.2 accuracy, they reach the required Class 1R accuracy. Other features include a withstanding voltage of 18.5 kVRMS/50 Hz for one minute, a current consumption of 20 to 25 mA, and a bandwidth of 10 kHz. LEM USA INC., Milwaukee, WI. (800) 236-5366.

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