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SiGe Active Mixer Meets 2.5G And 3G Cellular Demands

The MAX9982 fully integrated silicon-germanium (SiGe) active mixer includes a local-oscillator (LO) switch as well as an LO buffer and on-chip baluns. The mixer is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of today's cellular and GSM900 wireless infrastructure applications. A single IC provides a 12-dB noise figure. Since the device supplies more than 2 dB of conversion gain, designers can eliminate a complete IF amplifier stage within the receiver lineup. IIP2 performance of greater than 60 dBm also eases receiver filtering requirements. On-chip RF and LO baluns and built-in matching circuits accommodate single-ended 50-‡ terminations. The MAX9982 achieves IIP3 performance of 26.8 dBm while replacing two amplifiers, two baluns, and an LO switch, along with dozens of discrete components. The integrated LO switch supports GSM frequency hopping. Switching speeds of less than 250 ns are supported with greater than 50 dB of LO-to-LO isolation. The on-board LO buffer provides ±5-dB driver variance control, achieving stable G, NF, and IIP3 performance over temperature, supply, and input power variations. The MAX9982 provides a gain spread of ±0.6 dB from nominal at room temperature and -0.0135 dB/°C over temperature. IIP3 spread is rated at ±0.5 dB over temperature. The MAX9982 comes in a 5- by 5-mm 20-pin QFN package that accommodates direct pc-board mounting. In 1000-unit quantities, pricing starts at $7.90 each.

Maxim Integrated Products www.maxim-ic.com; (800) 998-8800

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