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Signal Adapters Work With Agilent Test Gear

Designers who have integrated Samtec or Mictor connectors for interfacing to an Agilent logic analyzer and oscilloscope can use the BCM-100 Samtec and BCM-038 Mictor adapters to monitor the logic analyzer and oscilloscope simultaneously using a single adapter. The Samtec ASP-65067-1 and Mictor 2-767-004-2 connectors have become standards for providing access to the important signals on a printed circuit board. A user simply unplugs the Agilent probe from the test setup and replaces it with either the BCM-100 or BCM-038. Each adapter is manufactured with 0.025" square test points on the top to connect an oscilloscope to individual signals. The Samtec or Mictor connector on the bottom connects to the board under test and an additional Samtec or MICTOR connector is mounted on the side of the adapter to connect to the logic analyzer. Each signal pin is silk screened on the probe adapter for easy signal identification. In single piece quantities the BCM-100 Samtec is priced at $168 and the BCM-038 MICTOR at $158. EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 982-0660, ext. 241.


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