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Signal Check Adapters For BGAs Come With Or Without Sockets

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A full line of signal check adapters from Sunhayato Corp. is available with and without sockets for pc board signal testing. Terminals are provided on each adapter to access signals in three forms: through-hole, straight pin, and right angle. The adapters are provided with or without test points. The series CH-SK adapters come with sockets already mounted and are available with optional signal draw out terminals. Most offer modular designs so components can be added or changed to work with different device packages.
Model CH-SK-256BA-SH7750-504 is designed for use with a leading CPU and features an integral, True BGA Socket that requires no soldering of the BGA device. Standard adapters are available for 1.27-mm pitch BGA packages, as well as LCC, PGA, PLCC, SOP and QFP packages with various pin counts and pitch configurations.

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