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Signal Conditioner Offers Alias Protection At 800 kHz Or 8 MHZ

Offered with cutoff frequencies at either 800 kHz or 8 MHz, with other frequencies available as custom designs, this new anti-aliasing, lowpass filter board is designed to eliminate out-of-band frequency components and to reduce noise prior to A/D conversions. Model 6606 signal conditioning front end card delivers filtered output signals to a 37-pin front-panel "D" connector that is pin-compatible with the A/D input connectors of the firm's Models 6106 and 6109 high-performance eight-channel A/D converter boards for VMEbus data acquisition, control and DSP applications- Model 6106 offers 14-bit resolution, 2-MHz max. sampling rate and optional differential inputs, while Model 6109 has 12-bit resolution, 20-MHz sampling rate and single-ended inputs. The Model 6606 board is a LC, nine-pole lowpass Chebycheff type filter that packs eight high-performance filters into one VMEbus slot adjacent to the A/D converter board, saving space, cost, cabling and power. Input and output full scale voltage is ±1.5V and power requirements are 0.5A (max.) at +12V and 0.5A (max.) at -12V from the VMEbus.

Company: PENTEK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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