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Signal Conditioning Modules Are Highly Accurate

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Ease-of-use, low cost per channel, intelligent I/O signal processing and high accuracy are some of the features users will benefit from when using the PicoPak family of single-channel analog signal conditioning and isolating modules. Each module supports a specific analog signal type on its input channel and outputs a specific analog or frequency types signal. They can be easily configured by the user in the field, although factory pre-configured and custom-configured models are also available for play-and-play applications. With the system, an on-board microprocessor isolates, filters, amplifies, scales and/or linearizes an analog input signal, depending on user requirements. The microprocessor is directed by the unit's configuration parameters which are set by the user, or in the factory, using a Windows-based configurator utility. The conditioned signal then is converted to a high-level analog voltage or current output signal and presented at the unit's isolated outputs. All models provide 16-bit resolution and deliver 0.1% accuracy across the output signal range.

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